Join Steve Holmes with Leader for this webinar where we get into the nature of IP, how it differs from SDI, and how to work with both SDI and IP effectively as you move into IP-based operations and workflows.​
You’ll learn:
· How IP enables economies of scale
· How IP gives broadcasters greater flexibility in routing audio, video, and data flows — and why that matters
· How various standards (particularly SMPTE ST 2110 and ST 2022) help to make IP-based media transport reliable and enable low latency
· How PTP data fits into the picture
· How packets actually flow from point to point, over the IP network and through IP switches
· Where errors are likely to arise from source to destination, and how to monitor for them
· Which measurement tools and information are critical to effective monitoring and troubleshooting of IP flows — and how to make sense of all this data on IP flows
· How to monitor flows from both legacy SDI and newer IP-based systems simultaneously