The April 2 webinar “Precision Time Protocol (PTP): How PTP Works and What You Need to Know,” hosted by Leader application engineer Steve Holmes, proved to be extremely popular with attendees. And for good reason! The webinar offers everything from PTP definitions and basics to working with various clocks and clock types to the details of testing and monitoring PTP effectively. This video captures the full webinar, in which Holmes walks through a variety of scenarios broadcasters might face when dealing with PTP in their own facilities. He provides detailed diagrams and easy-to- understand explanations of critical concepts. He illustrates common problems and their solutions. He demonstrates monitoring tools and strategies that help ensure media is moved over IP networks effectively. Holmes immediately jumps right into the basics, starting with fundamental terms and ideas and working his way into the complexities of working with PTP. In under an hour, he covers an amazing amount of ground. Watch the full video to hear all you need to know about PTP!